State of Fashion Biennale

Curatorial Team 2024

The 2024 edition of the State of Fashion Biennale, Ties that Bind, will be held in Arnhem and curated by Rachel Dedman & Louise Bennetts.

State of Fashion 2024 will focus on presenting contemporary work by fashion and textile makers, designers, and artists from the Global South. The curators have decentralised the Biennale, and invited three interlocutors from across the Global South to form an expanded curatorial team. State of Fashion 2024 will unfold across four spaces: the home site of Arnhem, and three international sister sites: Nairobi, Kenya, Bengaluru, India, and São Paulo, Brazil. In each sister city, an interlocutor-curator – Sunny Dolat, Kallol Datta and Hanayrá Negreiros – has been invited to develop a State of Fashion project in their local context, responding to the themes of the Biennale as they relate to the urgencies and experiences of their cities and communities.  

The curators have developed four themes that will be explored across the home site exhibition of the Biennale in Arnhem.

Political Bodies explores the ways in which clothing and the body operate as spaces and tools of resistance.

Dismantling Tradition critically examines definitions of ‘the traditional’, and the assumption that makers and artists from the Global South are expected to perform or make use of their heritage.

Designing Integrity looks at the ways in which designers are forging alternative systems to existing fashion production practices, championing slow making, challenging waste colonialism, and amplifying the voices of those typically marginalised in the global economy.

The Fabric of Shelter takes clothing as the first home through which we navigate the world, celebrating the intimate and familiar power of textiles.

More information can be found on the State of Fashion website.