Sandstone and Castle Rock
The Grit and The Glamour
Bard, Scotland, November 2023

This is a textile work in two parts: the first consists of three layered silk hangings derived from the layered buildings and histories of Edinburgh; the second is hand-painted wool silk inspired by the stone crags and volcanic rocks, which are as much a part of the city as the built landscape. Like the work, there are layers of resonance with my own experience, both in relation to place and my relationship with textiles. I moved to Edinburgh to study here and then left and have only recently returned to live here again. The organza layers of textile are reminiscent of some of my early work, so there’s an aspect of layered time at play here too.

Installation photographs by Murray Orr

A new series of interior pieces and wearable textiles, which interpret the very fabric of Edinburgh’s urban architecture, are on show at Bard, Scotland, as part of their group show ‘The Grit and The Glamour, until January 31st 2024.

Product photographs courtesy of James Stevens at Bard

Fabric and detail shots are my own.

Poster design by Studio Frith