MA Fashion, Royal College of Art, 2014

‘A phosphorescent jewel gives off its glow and colour in the dark and loses its beauty in the light of day.’
-Junichiro Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows

I was influenced by contemporary themes of intervention, hacking, and fixing, where people actively alter their posessions in an effort to render the unique and durable. I want to create pieces that, whilst being new, carry the same sense of narrative, revealing in their very structure the process by which they came to be and how they might adapt in the future.

The resultant pieces are suspended, somewhere between being strung together and elegantly falling apart. Clear rubber ties are embroidered and laced between stained lengths of traditional steel corset-boning, which has been sewn onto the outside edges of each panel of fabric.
The fabrics are unusual, irreverent and surprisingly organic. Cork skin, horsehair canvas, denim, linen and cottons, as well as accessory materials steel and concrete, are all slowly rendered black, by foiling, coating and staining. Their properties immediately change, they appear tough yet desirable, challenging contemporary notions of luxury and desirability.